Alison Rapp and Speech We Hate: Disentangling an Ugly Mess

When Alison Rapp was hired to work at Nintendo of America, her 2011 undergraduate honors thesis, Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws, had been publicly available in the Honors Review for more than a year. Then, as now, it was available freely for public, and certainly for professional, consumption, under her real name. Currently (there is no reason to assume that this was added after her employment by Nintendo) this paper is best found via her LinkedIn page.

CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of paedophilia. (more…)

Choose Your Words Carefully: Text Based Games

My love for reading and my love of gaming grew twined together; some of the first words I waded through were in A Link to the Past. Choose Your Own Adventure novels seemed like the best of both worlds. I could interact with the story in a meaningful, and often deadly-for-my-character, way by simply reading down one path or another. I was surprisingly slow to find interactive fiction games, or text-based games.  (more…)

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Hello, happy gamers! How’s the week treating you? I recently realized I had forgotten to play The Room 2, so I’ve been catching up before The Room 3 comes out this spring. Also, confession time, I started Life is Strange, but haven’t committed much time to it. Let me know what you’re playing, and what I should be, in the comments. Now on to the news.