What We’re Playing: April

Hello, Spring! We’re glad you’re here. Please, join us for a game or two. Games Editor Al Rosenberg may not be able to remove herself from Hearthstone on her cell phone long enough to do much of anything, but other folks are having exciting gaming adventures. Readers, what are you playing this month? (more…)

What We’re Playing: January

Al is feeling all the emotions.

The Last of Us: Left Behind
Naughty Dog
Released: February 14, 2014
PS3, PS4

 I have finally gotten around to playing The Last of Us’s prequel. And I am in love. Spending a lot of time with Ellie will really get the onions chopping. This dlc acts as a prequel to the already amazing Last of Us. The player gets to see Ellie and Riley together, playing games, goofing around, loving each other, before the inevitable turn for the worse. There isn’t as much action in this installation, but there are enough feels to make the game seem whole and lovely. (more…)