Run Construct Doting: A Girl And Her Computer

Run Construct Doting

Jack Cayless
PC, Mac
November 26, 2017

Girl gets job. Job is hella boring. Girl wastes time on her computer at job. Girl goes wikidiving. Girl has sex with her computer.


Dream Daddy, The Dadification of Games, and Me

Dream Daddy, the Dad-on-Dad dating sim that became this summer’s gaming obsession simply through word of mouth, is a good game. Maybe even a great one. Yes, all the dads are super hot, the writing is good, it’s genuinely funny and heartfelt, but for me personally it meant a lot more. As someone who grew up with a single dad after my mom died when I was a toddler, it really made me feel close to him to be able to play as a dad with a similar backstory. But more than that, I appreciated how this game understands single fatherhood in a way that few other games have. And there are a LOT of games that attempt to wrangle this into their plots. Commonly called “The Dadification of Games”, this trend was most prevalent in the BioShock Infinite/The Last of Us era, but it’s far from a dying trend. The new God of War is even moving away from the more common father/daughter trope by giving Kratos a son.


Boyfriend Dungeon: An interview with Tanya X. Short from Kitfox Games

Last month, Kitfox Games took the internet by storm with the announcement of their new “Shack-n’-Slash” game, Boyfriend Dungeon. Covered by all major game news outlets, the game’s trailer has already racked up over 60,000 views on Youtube.


Pay Attention To Them: ‘Ghosts of Miami’ Is a Queer Cuban’s Joy

Ghosts of Miami

Pillow Fight Games, Steam
August 22, 2017

I knew almost absolutely nothing going into Ghosts of Miami, the latest visual novel game by Pillow Fight. I hadn’t seen a trailer; I hadn’t played the demo. All I knew were the words “like Phoenix Wright” and “Queer Cubana-Americana detective in ’80s Miami,” and I was on board. And really, that should honestly be all it takes to get you all on board, too.