Tomb Raider Diaries #6: Free Falling

Previously on Tomb Raider Diaries: Our enigmatic archaeologist learned that her best friend, Sam, was likely going to end up as part of a fiery ritual sacrifice. Now Lara Croft must race against time to save Sam, but not before exploring a few more ruins. And falling a lot. On with the spoilers! (more…)

Tomb Raider Diaries #5: I Need A Hero

When last we left our intrepid hero, Lara Croft, she was determined to, well, be a hero. Feeling responsible for the plight of the downed pilots whom she’d summoned to the island to rescue herself and her friends from the deadly island.


Tomb Raider Diaries #4: Hard Mode

Previously on Tomb Raider Diaries: Lara raided the enemy bunk in hopes of accessing the communications room only to find it useless. Now she has to climb the radio tower itself in order to send out an S.O.S.


Tomb Raider Diaries #3: Into the Wolves Den

In my previous adventures with Lara, we’d escaped the violent cult and found Lara’s mentor, Roth, in an abandoned village. He informed her that the wolves attacking him had also stolen his pack.

Of course they did. Because what wolf wouldn’t want a sweet sack filled with important band aids and communications devices?