Tomb Raider Diaries #1: In the Beginning…

I had not intended to play Tomb Raider. I wasn’t much of a Lara Croft fan, beyond Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the character in the movies, and more importantly, I didn’t want to play a game whose marketing team thought they’d win me over with an attempted rape scene as part of its initial promotion.

A few factors have since changed my mind, including Gail Simone writing the new comic–which she’d initially refused to do because she felt the same way I did about the game. After playing it, she quickly changed her tune. Then there this trailer, followed by a Steam sale, to seal my gaming fate.

As a result, April has become Tomb Raider Month in my house, and I will be sharing my playthrough here. I’m just a few hours in and am already willing to forgive SquareEnix’s poor promotional decisions, assuming they have learned their lesson.  In fact, I’m quite enjoying it for many reasons, which will become evident as this journal progresses. So far, I’d be pleased to recommend this to other gamers, especially those who, like me, were sceptical.

Be warned: Here be spoilers!