Why I Game: Gaming Helps Me Manage My Mental Illness

Why I Game: Gaming Helps Me Manage My Mental Illness

When I finished playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, I began considering why I game so much. My gaming has especially picked up since I left my PhD program to write and moved across the country to where my husband is doing his graduate work. I’ve dedicated over 150 hours into Breath of the Wild. I’ve played the first 13 chapters of Path of Radiance at least four times. I’ve beaten New Super Mario Bros. U, played through most of the first Pikmin and Pokemon Sun, upgraded my house fully in Animal Crossing, played all the levels in Pokemon Snap, and seen the betrayal in Tales From The Borderlands. Among other games, of course, and not even counting all the board games and phone games I’ve been playing. (Check out my new favorite phone game if you haven’t already!) I’ve gamed more in the past few months than I have in years.


Borderlands: The Movie (Or, My Plea to 2K)

Picture it: a soft instrumental in the background, a train rolling across the screen. The desert rolls behind it, the sunshine glinting off the heavy metal. It’s serene, a peaceful picture.

Then a dog-reptile hybrid gets run over by the train, and the track by The Heavy picks up. (more…)