Star Wars: Battlefront II Diary

I briefly played the beta of Star Wars: Battlefront II. The combat was pretty good, the visuals were stunning, but since multiplayer campaigns really aren’t my thing, I quickly got bored of being repeatedly slaughtered by people with better characters (and skills) than me. Besides, I had only ever been interested in this game because of Iden Versio, the main character of the solo campaign. AAA games featuring female characters—POC characters, no less—are still a rare thing, so I will support the hell out of them, especially when the dudebros complain. Their lamentations are like the sweet song of the thala-siren and serve only to motivate me to play more games that they complain about.


Get Your Game On: Christmas, Battlefront II, and Cuphead

Electronic Arts’ greed caught up to them when daddy Disney called about Battlefront II’s microtransactions controversy, which has affected profit estimates, but the game isn’t a complete write-off. The solo campaign follows the Empire’s Iden Versio’s secret mission after the destruction of the second Death Star. The current season of multiplayer action is called “The Last Jedi,” released this past week in anticipation of the new film. Like the multiplayer campaign, the additional free (!) DLC for the solo campaign also plays into the new film. As any extraneous material should, the content enhances the movie’s storyline, without spoiling it or giving the players any pivotal information.

I’ve heard lots of good things so far about Iden Versio’s solo campaign and as a fan of expanded universes and lore, I’m excited to add her story to my Star Wars knowledge base. But first, gaming news! (more…)

Customization is Not New: Hoping for More in Star Wars Battlefront

Customization is Not New: Hoping for More in Star Wars Battlefront

An image of a light-skinned brown-haired man in homespun clothes. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda, 2011

Skyrim Character Creation by Braclo

NPR’s recent interview with Star Wars Battlefront producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir would have you believe that the game offers new, fresh, innovative character customization, and that it is incredibly intentional. Well, as many of the commentors have pointed out, this is nothing really new. Several of them have accused NPR of running an ad in the form of an interview, given how unimpressive this angle is in the face of all of the other reviews of the game. (more…)

Customization is Not New: Hoping for More in Star Wars Battlefront

Flaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game Redheads [GIF]

We’ve covered anime redheads. The books section has their literary gingers. And of course there’s the original comic book superheroes and villainous redheads. You love WWAC’s redhead collections as much as we do! Now it’s time for the games section to get on the ginger train with our pick of the deadliest video game redheads. (more…)