Summer Glamour: Game Recommendations

It’s late August, and for most of the writers and readers of WWAC, summer is almost coming to an end. It’s such a beautiful time of the year, with long afternoons fading into warm evenings, perfect for a good roleplaying session. One could say it’s almost magical. (more…)

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Giving the She-Devil Her Due

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Giving the She-Devil Her Due

Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! This year, San Diego Comic Con proves that all the news doesn’t have to be big blockbuster super hero movie related. The fine folks at Dynamite Entertainment gave us not one, but two big announcements of comics-to-games crossover news. Read on to find out more!


Dice Vice: Lords of Waterdeep, a D&D Board Game

Hello tabletop gamers! I’m on a serious Dungeons & Dragons tear right now, so I’m going to talk about Lords of Waterdeep, a worker placement tabletop game with a D&D theme. Last month I wrote about libraries and gaming, specifically about investigating playing D&D with some of my library teens. So this month I’m going to continue to talk about the role-playing game, at least tangentially. (more…)

Dungeons & Damsels: Adventures of a First Time DM

I tend to get a little overzealous when I have an idea. Deciding to build a tiered vegetable garden, I went out and bought dozens of seed packets without having actually built anything yet. I wanted to start a gaming channel on YouTube, so I bought a recording program without considering the effort it takes to talk to yourself for a half hour straight. So, when I decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, my first step was dropping $200 on supplies despite the facts that I 1) didn’t have a group and 2) knew nothing about the game.

Armed with expensive hardcover books and a set of pretty purple dice, I set about to find people to play with. My first two attempts were both web-based, and neither panned out due to scheduling issues. With one, I got as far as making my character—a pansexual half-elf sorcerer with a habit of picking pockets and seducing enemies. The other group never even made it to the character creation stage. It was clear I needed to find an in-person group.

The problem? I live in a small town. The population is about 2,500 people. Finding a group of people around my age who were interested in tabletop roleplay wasn’t going to be easy.

Except that it totally was. (more…)

Laser Kittens: An Interview with Cheyenne Wall-Grimes

Although I had met Cheyenne Wall-Grimes a time or two before, it was really my experience with her at Metatopia, a gaming convention for designers, that told me the kind of person she was. It was my first time attending, and I was really not sure about this whole designer business. I was probably trying to fade back into the wall before someone spotted me and alerted everyone that a “fake designer” was there, when Cheyenne walked right up to me and introduced herself. She told me it was her first time there too, and I looked a little lonely, so I could hang out with her and we’d have a great time. Not only was she right about that last part, but it was a very kind gesture that was truly heartfelt and upheld throughout the entire convention. That’s just how Cheyenne is, and I was not surprised a bit to hear she was designing a role playing game about being a kitten.