The Passion of Game Planning

One of my resolutions this year involves my introduction to the Passion Planner. I am usually the kind of person who fails at planners. I do okay with a combination of Google Calendar and to-do lists, but to actually write things down and keep at it diligently? None of the usual planner formats inspired me, until I found Passion Planner. It’s doing wonders for keeping me focused on my goals and to-do lists for work, my kids, my WWAC articles, etc. But, in the planning and bullet journaling research I have been doing since the end of last year, I’ve realized that there’s simply no reason not to plan for me. Just me and the things I love doing. As a result, all of my passions, from reading to gaming, are now recorded for posterity. Because what’s a planner if it can’t include important tasks like “kill a dragon” or “romance Suvi”? (more…)