Pairanormal Chapter 1: A Boo-tiful Start

Pairanormal Chapter 1: A Boo-tiful Start


Tess Young & Geek remix
April 1, 2018

Disclosure: I back Tess Young, one of the creators of Pairanormal, on Patreon. In fact, I backed her because I heard about Pairanormal!

Developers and publishers took to April Fools Day with aplomb; there were stories about a Pokemon Go version of Final Fantasy XIV, Street Fighter digital card games, and Horizon Zero Dawn body pillows. Alongside this was a common joke: “MAINSTREAM GAME, but dating sim,” the implication being that this is a laughable idea. News articles promised dating sims for Mega Man, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and Let it Die, among others. War for the Overworld, an RTS, actually created a playable version called Dungeon Hearts. I, like many others, thought “Yeah, but seriously: I want these.”