Get Your Game On: The Countdown to Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda has officially gone gold (the industry term for completion), and news and teasers continue to pour in, titillating anxious BioWare fans like me. We now know the recommended specs to house the game. For me, the minimum 55 GB space requirement means I need to do some soul searching regarding what games to clear off of my laptop in order to make room. The wise decision would be to uninstall my previous BioWare games, but LOLno. What if Alistair or Garrus still need me??? (more…)

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Say Goodbye to Steam Greenlight

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Say Goodbye to Steam Greenlight

What’s up, Wednesday? Life and other commitments have been taking their toll, and I haven’t played a video game in what feels like forever. The Lunar New Year event is over in Overwatch, and I am sadly without a fancy new skin. But the news marches on, and, despite my lack of time to play video games, you better believe I’m keeping up on what’s happening.


Online indiE3 Project Open Now

As folks prepare to glue themselves to the internet for this week’s E3 gaming goodness, there’s another option for your eyeballs. The indiE3 project, open yesterday, gives participants a way to learn about new games and game development as well as meet the people behind the games.

The event which runs from June 9-16, includes online panels and a game jam. Indie Haven will be providing streamed interviews with creators on June 11 and 12.

From their Tumblr page, “IndiE3 is the fan celebration for those who can’t normally be there. For the devs who have trouble keeping lights on. For the gamer who can’t leave their house because of a disability. For the communities who are otherwise ignored or thrown aside.”