Get Outta My Way: Why I Love Scrolling Beaters

Do you ever look at things you like and realise that they’re all the same thing, every one of them? Just varied details on an essential appeal. Me, for example, I’ve been re-reading X-Men archives for the past two months and paying close attention to which details make me like the whole so much. And here’s what it is: straightforwardness. I like people who march straight to the point. Like Wolverine: you can make a joke about a point (or three of them), but you can’t put up much of an argument for how he’s long-winded in getting to one (or three). He’s not. Gambit, he’s all, “I’m sexy, you’re sexy, let’s dance”–straightforward, full throttle, no detours. And Rogue, who I’ve always called my “favourite character” in the widest sense of the question; she’s so straightforward that if a circumstance is untenable, she’ll give a yell of frustration and leave through a wall. Or six walls. She does not allow the world to stay in her way.  (more…)