Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

iOS, Android
November 21, 2017

I first encountered the Animal Crossing series through Animal Crossing: Wild World (2005) for the Nintendo DS. Growing up, we were poor and I never had a Gamecube, so I missed that first iteration of the game, but I’ve made sure to pick up the main Animal Crossing games since then, including New Leaf (2012). I would always play those games for days and days, hours at a time, catching fish, selling beetles, trying to pay off Capitalist Overlord Tom Nook, before setting them aside for months, and return to find my poor town drowned in weeds. (Note: New Leaf is much better about not letting weeds overrun the place, and I am grateful.)
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo, 2017

Review: Shuyan Saga Teaches Mindfulness

Shuyan Saga

Lofty Sky Entertainment
PC, Mac, iOS, Android
December 6, 2017

An iOS copy of Shuyan Saga was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Shuyan Saga is a fun kung fu game that looks to reflect and share the traditional values of Taiji through an understanding of the balance of combat and timing. After a PC release in 2017, the game has recently come to mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, with gameplay that works well for touch screen devices. (more…)

Play in Heavenly Peace: Four Mobile Games To Keep Your Holiday Chill

The holidays are a time for family, for warmth, for snuggling together over hot chocolate and showering each other with love. Except when they’re not; close proximity to family can also mean a lot of biting your tongue and reminding yourself that Grandma hates it when you cuss.

It’s not that we think you should spend your entire holiday season hiding from your family, but even the closest of kin need a little break now and then. Here’s how the Sidequest crew gets our game on to cool off during the most wonderful time of the year.