Mass Effect Andromeda Diaries #6: All Hail the Krogan

By now you’ve probably heard that, for various reasonsMass Effect Andromeda kinda sucks. Over my past five diaries, I’ve painted some of the issues, but hey, after investing 80 or so hours, I’m gonna keep going at this point. The tedium of poor story, sidequests deserving of much side eye, and Liam and Cora pissing me off weren’t enough to deter me. So either because I’m a hopelessly obsessed BioWare masochistic fangirl or–yeah, okay, that’s exactly what I am. By now, my friend was hours ahead of me and based on her emoji-filled flail texts, in combination with my obsession, there was enough motivation for me to press on. Good thing I did, because I made it to Elaaden where the krogans turned it all around for me.


Mass Effect Andromeda Diaries #4: The Wild, Wild Heleus

Previously on Andromeda Diaries: Pathfinder Ryder has made great strides in the Heleus Cluster and has dealt a big blow to the Archon. Understandably though, based on their experience with the kett, there are still some angara who don’t trust all these new aliens, no matter how nice our Cultural Exchange says we are.

There are a number of errands for Ryder to complete to help raise galactic viability for the Initiative, including loyalty missions for her companions and checking out some of the other star systems. The Moshae has given us a lead on who betrayed her to the Archon. It was an angaran Resistance fighter who has now fled to Kadara Port. Kadara was an angara colony being overrun by kett until the Initiative’s exiles, led by former Initiative Director of Security, Sloane Kelly, stormed in and took over everything. Now her Outlaws are running things, which adds to the angaran suspicion of Ryder. But first! A literary interlude! (more…)

Mass Effect Andromeda Diaries #3: Second First Contact

Previously on Andromeda Diaries: We’ve turned things around on planet Eos. Though our initial Initiative plans were based on exploration and colonization, the Pathfinder responds to the kett threat by making her first outpost a military one. With some level of stability established, and the increased viability of Eos, the colonists’ spirits are rising, but we’re not out of the water yet. (more…)

Mass Effect Andromeda Diaries #1: Boldly Going

I’ve documented my journey with Lara Croft and Geralt of Rivia, and led the Inquisition to glory, of sorts. Now I am forging a path in Mass Effect Andromeda and invite you to join me! If you’re new to the Mass Effect series, fear not. This is a whole new endeavour. While Commander Shepard is off saving the Milky Way from certain doom, the Andromeda Initiative is on its 600-year journey to seek out a new home for its intrepid explorers. Tired of life in the Milky Way? Join me on this exciting adventure as I play through BioWare’s latest science fiction adventure.