2015 Games Send-Offs, 2016 Predictions

5 Writers Whose Work Would Inspire Great Video Games

The indie video game community has been turning to literature for its inspiration, and in particular, the works of Haruki Murakami. Bitz Byterz is currently running a kickstarter to fund Memoranda, a 2D point-and-click adventure inspired by Murakami’s  short stories. Ackk Studios is also working on a Murakami-themed title, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, in the style of the Mother games. Both are currently slated for late 2015 release.

With work praised and prized around the world, Murakami is one of today’s most influential and recognized contemporary writers and a go-to for postmodern literature. Taking his wind-up birds and hard-boiled wonderlands as inspiration for video games got me thinking: what other works of fiction could be reimagined for consoles, and what other genres could literary games emulate? Here are a few picks I wouldn’t mind seeing. (more…)

2015 Games Send-Offs, 2016 Predictions

Flaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game Redheads [GIF]

We’ve covered anime redheads. The books section has their literary gingers. And of course there’s the original comic book superheroes and villainous redheads. You love WWAC’s redhead collections as much as we do! Now it’s time for the games section to get on the ginger train with our pick of the deadliest video game redheads. (more…)