Hot Dads of Gaming: Bowser is The Most Underrated Hot Dad in Gaming

Hot Dads are everywhere right now. In TV and movies, the Hot Dad is often (but not always) a single father. He holds down a challenging job while raising children. Or he fights zombies while raising children. Or whatever it is Ned Stark did. He doesn’t always get it right, especially with his daughter, but he’s trying hard, and there’s sensitivity behind those piercing grey eyes. He’s fiercely protective of his kids, which can make it hard for him to let people in. Oh, and he’s super hot. (more…)

Dystopic RPGs for Dystopic Times

For at least the past couple of centuries, dystopian fiction has arisen time and again as a resource used by writers to criticize—and probably cope with—the society and circumstances of their times. The most brilliant works of this kind have emerged at the darkest moments in history, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this decade has seen a rebirth of the genre. Two of my favorite tabletop RPGs, Cyberpunk and Paranoia, are dystopian games originally published during the Cold War in the 80’s, and they are currently on course for new installments. (more…)

Four Awesome Mobile Games Starring Girls of Color

While many still consider mobile gaming as synonymous with Candy Crush and Angry Birds, the medium has really grown since then, accommodating games that used to only be possible on consoles and PC. Now mobile games are capable of delivering crisp graphics and complex stories while being relatively inexpensive. Especially exciting is that many of these games are coming out of indie creators who are telling stories from perspectives that are different than what we’re used to seeing in mainstream gaming. We’re starting to see more mobile game titles featuring diverse leads, and in particular, women and girls of color.


Summer Glamour: Game Recommendations

It’s late August, and for most of the writers and readers of WWAC, summer is almost coming to an end. It’s such a beautiful time of the year, with long afternoons fading into warm evenings, perfect for a good roleplaying session. One could say it’s almost magical. (more…)