Outfit Select: Lara Croft, Vogue, & Personal Development

Outfit Select: Lara Croft, Vogue, & Personal Development

Thinking about Sarah Harris using “gaming heroine” to define to aesthetic spirit of the decade in British Vogue’s centenary edition—a Royal on the cover, input from seasoned industry greats, and women of the moment throughout, a real authoritative environment, if Harris’ name alone isn’t enough to convince you of the scale of this proclamation—I came around to asking myself an unanswerable question. What did I feel my style was, how did I define parts of it and parts of me, what I wanted and needed to wear before Lara Croft? (more…)

Tomb Raider Diaries #3: Into the Wolves Den

In my previous adventures with Lara, we’d escaped the violent cult and found Lara’s mentor, Roth, in an abandoned village. He informed her that the wolves attacking him had also stolen his pack.

Of course they did. Because what wolf wouldn’t want a sweet sack filled with important band aids and communications devices?