Monster Prom’s Julián Quijano Writes Unapologetic Narrative

During Sidequest’s 24-hour Live Stream to celebrate the launch of our new website, we decided to play a game that editor-in-chief Melissa fell in love with at PAX West 2017: Monster Prom. It’s a competitive dating sim that involves wooing monsters to find your perfect prom date, and we’re hooked. Luckily for us, the game’s lead developer, Julián Quijano, decided to stop by during the stream and chat with us. With Monster Prom’s release today, we decided to share that talk with all of you—and give you more reasons to love the game.

Given that most of this interview was in an impromptu Twitch chat in November, the answers have been modified for grammar and moved around for interview flow. The content remains unchanged.


Rock Candy Games Arrives on the Scene With a Queer Romance Visual Novel

Rock Candy Games is a newly formed studio helmed by Becca Farrow and Anne Camlin. Their new game, Seventh Circle, a queer romance visual novel set in a magic dueling league, is on Kickstarter right now. You might know Farrow from her comics work, including some amazing covers. Camlin’s debut novel, Young Magic, was released serially online, concluding in 2016. Sidequest has gotten an inside look from the creators, and here’s the good stuff.


Cooking with Fire (and Water and Earth) with Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade

Trinket Studios
Steam PC / Mac and Nintendo Switch
Nov 20th, 2017

A copy of Battle Chef Brigade was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Kickstarter of the Week: Haiku Warrior

If you’re a fan of tabletop RPGs, then go check out Haiku Warrior. Created by Jason Anarchy, the guy behind Drinking Quest, this tabletop is told through Japanese haikus and is designed for up to four players. Even if you aren’t confident in your RPG skills just yet, the creators claim that this game is easier to play than a Dungeons and Dragons starter box, and critics have described Anarchy’s other games as a great way for newcomers to get their feet wet.