Hot Dads of Gaming: Ganon(dorf)

I’ve always liked big guys. Despite being a short lady (or perhaps because of it), some part of me is intrinsically drawn to tall, boorish, weirdly animal-like men. I’ve got a mental vault of inappropriate fantasies about characters like Killer Croc, Obadiah Horn, and zombie Gregor Clegane—fantasies that are probably rooted in my childhood love of Prince Adam’s barbarous visage in Beauty and the Beast, or maybe even further back, in the days of Johnny Bravo (damn, those muscles were huge!) and Dragon Tales (damn, those… scales were shiny?). (more…)

Hot Dads of Gaming: Bowser is The Most Underrated Hot Dad in Gaming

Hot Dads are everywhere right now. In TV and movies, the Hot Dad is often (but not always) a single father. He holds down a challenging job while raising children. Or he fights zombies while raising children. Or whatever it is Ned Stark did. He doesn’t always get it right, especially with his daughter, but he’s trying hard, and there’s sensitivity behind those piercing grey eyes. He’s fiercely protective of his kids, which can make it hard for him to let people in. Oh, and he’s super hot. (more…)