Dead But Not Forgotten: Our Favorite Death in Video Games Moments

What does death mean when it’s not permanent? Can it still make you cry if your character regenerates? Can it be meaningful? Or is it necessarily just an annoyance, a product of “failing” at gaming? In games “The End” is hardly ever true. It’s just “The End” of that attempt, but your character will resurrect itself. Time will turn back. Nothing is forever in games. Death in video games is nothing different. It’s a temporary condition, but it can be pretty awesome to watch.

As a gamer, I am often moved by emotional moments in games. Death can be handled tastefully, tactfully and really cause a crying jag. Or it can be gory and impressive, characters dying on the battlefield in a blaze of glory. So, we’ve shared our favorite moments of gaming death, but we’re excited to hear yours!

Please note there are spoilers for Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Bioshock, Halo: Reach, and Mass Effect 3.