GYGO: Fuck Capitalism, Go Home

Welcome to Wednesday! I’ve been dabbling at being a consulting detective in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. It’s a lot of fun, but phew, y’all weren’t joking about how bad that arm wrestling minigame is. It does a great job overall of making me feel briefly smarter than Sherlock Holmes (bro, how did not not immediately conclude that the train wasn’t a real train at all? Trains are super loud!) before revealing that while I may have been right about one thing, I was super, super wrong about the rest—a great feeling for a mystery game.

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening in gaming news! (more…)

GYGO: Mobile Games Are Taking Over

GYGO: Mobile Games Are Taking Over

Hello! I rejoin you from an internet-free weekend (not by choice, unfortunately) to share everything I missed from the last 48 hours and beyond. I did not play many games during The Great Unplug, but I did play much game, by which I mean something like six hours of Dungeons & Dragons, in which my character had some shady stuff happen to her, got knocked unconscious, woke back up and took righteous vengeance, and everybody discovered she was a warlock all along.

Oh, I guess I did play roughly two million hours of Twenty by French Guys and Overcrowded on my phone because they (mostly) work offline. Good times.


GYGO: Mobile Games Are Taking Over

GYGO: Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly

Hello and welcome to Get Your Game On! My name is Maddi and I cannot believe we are almost at the end of September. It feels like we were just in the middle of the summer heatwave but here we are, with the shorter days of fall (at least in the northeastern U.S.) encroaching. Are you playing any games that emulate those fall vibes? If so, let me know what you’re playing in the comments! Or, if you support our Patreon at the Sega Genesis tier or higher, tell us about it in our Discord. Now, let’s get to the news. (more…)

GYGO: Mobile Games Are Taking Over

GYGO: Sony Accused (Again) of Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination

Content note: mentions of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and workplace misconduct.

Welcome back to Get Your Game On! My name is Zainabb and this week’s gaming news is a mixed bag. We have more allegations of trash behaviour at Sony but we also have a host of big companies halting sales or access to their products in Russia, following its invasion of Ukraine. As always, remember to take breaks from the internet if you need to, spend time (safely) with people and things that comfort you, and stay hydrated. (more…)

GYGO: Mobile Games Are Taking Over

GYGO: Games for Relief & Activision Blizzard Sued (AGAIN)

Content note: mentions of transphobia, harassment and abuse, toxic workplace environments, and suicide.

Hello! Maddi here for this week’s dose of gaming news. Since last we spoke, Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring were released, and my household has been spending a lot of time with both. My husband has been taking on every boss he can find in Elden Ring, while I… have been getting my butt handed to me by machines. Let us know what you’ve been playing on Twitter, or, if you’re a member of our Patreon at the Sega Genesis tier or higher, in our Discord! Now, here’s all the news you might have missed last week. (more…)