What A Gaming Mom Can Gift Us

I love being a gaming mom and look forward to many, many years—nay, decades—of gaming. I aspire to be like Shirley Curry, the “gaming grandma,” and my best gaming buddy and I have grand future plans to be sitting in our rocking chairs, lost in the virtual worlds of the latest BioWare game.


Goodbye Kids, Mommy’s Playing Mass Effect Andromeda For A While

BioWare has officially announced that March 21, 2017 is when you should be taking the day off of work, school, whatever to play Mass Effect Andromeda allllll day long. You might want to take a few consecutive days off. At least this is what I would do if I were not a responsible adult who has a board meeting to deal with that day. That’s right. I know where my priorities lie. I will look totally professional as I take minutes and record motions while wearing my N7 cardigan. I will not respond to the incessant blinking and buzzing of my phone as my friends embark on their new galactic journey and text, tweet, and message me all about it. I will be just fiiiiiine. *Sigh* (more…)

MMOs: The Real Reason I Had Kids

MMOs: The Real Reason I Had Kids

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games are great fun. I like to think of them as an opportunity to chat with my online friends while doing productive things like killing dragons. But as with all things, there are downsides to this type of video game, too. The companies that develop them thrive on keeping you entertained and addicted, and they do so with fun things, but also with tedious things. You have to work hard and pour in your leisure hours to achieve greatness in game, whether that be in reaching higher levels, crafting for cash, or obtaining epic loot. As a responsible, hardworking adult, that leisure time is precious and limited. It’s rare to find the time to dedicate to the various endeavours of gaming while balancing family life, work, and other responsibilities. When I became a parent, I refused to sacrifice my gaming habits for the needs of my kids. Instead, I learned to work around them. And more importantly, now that they are older, they’ve learned to work for me. (more…)