Get Your Game on Wednesday: Celebrating Female Game Devs and Gay Propaganda

Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! Nothing like a little snow up here in the Northeast to make it feel like Christmas. Plus I learned that Asmodee Digital is bringing the tabletop game Potion Explosion to mobile this month, so if you don’t hear from me, send cookies. On to the news! (more…)

Review: The Voter Suppression Trail

The Voter Suppression Trail

The New York Times
November 3, 2016

The United States Presidential Elections are looming like Big Brother. Sensing the country’s doom, the team over at GOP Arcade has presented the weary masses with The Voter Suppression Trail. In conjunction with that liberal news bastion, The New York Times, it’s a game for both excited and disenfranchised voters alike. (more…)

Four Awesome Mobile Games Starring Girls of Color

While many still consider mobile gaming as synonymous with Candy Crush and Angry Birds, the medium has really grown since then, accommodating games that used to only be possible on consoles and PC. Now mobile games are capable of delivering crisp graphics and complex stories while being relatively inexpensive. Especially exciting is that many of these games are coming out of indie creators who are telling stories from perspectives that are different than what we’re used to seeing in mainstream gaming. We’re starting to see more mobile game titles featuring diverse leads, and in particular, women and girls of color.


Outfit Select: Lara Croft, Vogue, & Personal Development

Outfit Select: Lara Croft, Vogue, & Personal Development

Thinking about Sarah Harris using “gaming heroine” to define to aesthetic spirit of the decade in British Vogue’s centenary edition—a Royal on the cover, input from seasoned industry greats, and women of the moment throughout, a real authoritative environment, if Harris’ name alone isn’t enough to convince you of the scale of this proclamation—I came around to asking myself an unanswerable question. What did I feel my style was, how did I define parts of it and parts of me, what I wanted and needed to wear before Lara Croft? (more…)

Sex and the Dungeons

I think roleplaying and sex are two intimately entwined concepts. Even when we’re not discussing that kind of roleplaying, I’ve found it to be true that sexual dynamics are likely to rise whenever a group of adults is cooped up together for an extended period of time. Add to that the tempting factor of veiled identities and the endless possibilities of an imagined universe, and you might find yourself right in the middle of situations that range from the enticing to the hilarious to the downright uncomfortable.