Others, Mothers and Monsters: Body Diversity and Fatphobia in Video Games

Like many people, I’m beyond excited for the next Mass Effect game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. So excited I want to know every bit of information about the game as it (slowly) comes out. I got super excited when they finally started to release character dossiers a few weeks ago, because character information is something that Bioware has kept very close to the chest for all of the game’s development. We didn’t even see the human character’s faces until last month, and the game is out in March. But I was disheartened as I clicked on the link for the first one and saw that for some bizarre reason, they included the character’s weight. I get that they were trying to mimic a military file, but they only include weight and height and not, say, age or date of birth, information that I think is far more pertinent.