Diary of a Pathfinder Sex Idiot: The Goodest Boy in the Galaxy

RYDER FINALLY GOT LAID, Y’ALL. But, ahem, I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself here. After what felt like an eternity of flirting awkwardly, making my feelings known, taking him on every mission in the hopes of impressing him when I managed to use my jetpack successfully, I finally triggered the romance for Good Boy of Andromeda, Jaal. I was pretty sure, before I even started the game, that this was the romance I was going to go for (dem thighs), and while I did flirt with pretty much everyone at least a little bit, it didn’t take him very long to completely win me over. Vetra put in a REALLY GOOD EFFORT though, and I’m currently starting what I will refer to as my “spiky girlfriend” playthrough. I’m VERY VERY excited that Jaal is being added as a bisexual romance option in the future (as was originally intended), not just because he is obviously bi, but because he is so Good and Pure. Everyone should get to experience that. (more…)

Diaries of a Pathfinder Sex Idiot: Flirtroductions

Welcome to the first installment of Diaries of a Pathfinder Sex Idiot! In case this is not obvious, this is my personal account of my adventures in Mass Effect: Andromeda romance storylines, quite frankly my favourite part of any Mass Effect game. My Pathfinder, Fiona, has been in cryo for 600 years, and she didn’t come to Andromeda to not fall in love, dammit. But, luckily for us, this seems to be the case for pretty much everyone else we encounter as well, human or alien (especially the aliens). Pull up a chair by the fire, and crank up Spoon’s “Hot Thoughts,” which is basically my theme song for this series.