Twiny Jam: Make a Game in 300 Words

Twiny Jam: Make a Game in 300 Words

This March, legendary interactive fiction and game creator Porpentine hosted a game jam challenging new and experienced authors to create a Twine story in 300 words or fewer. Twine is a game-authoring platform that helps creators make games without having to learn (too much) code. While it’s mostly used for deceptively simple text-based games, the platform also accommodates audio and visual elements, as well as scripting for the code-minded.

According to the Twiny Jam website, “low word count is a way to feel less intimidated about making something…+ focus on each individual detail and why it’s being included.” Twiny Jam is accepting submissions through April 9, 2015, and new authors are encouraged to add their entries to over 70 games that have already been submitted.


Choose Your Words Carefully: Text Based Games

My love for reading and my love of gaming grew twined together; some of the first words I waded through were in A Link to the Past. Choose Your Own Adventure novels seemed like the best of both worlds. I could interact with the story in a meaningful, and often deadly-for-my-character, way by simply reading down one path or another. I was surprisingly slow to find interactive fiction games, or text-based games.  (more…)