February Roundtable: Representations of Culture in Games

February Roundtable: Representations of Culture in Games

In 2020, we can all agree that representation is important. Having games from different cultures with characters of different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and sexualities enriches the art form. But representation is only one hurdle to overcome—there’s more to diversity than visibility. For the month of February, the Sidequest crew is chatting about representations of culture, including what games get it right and what games have a ways to go. (more…)

Bury Me, My Love: Compassion, Struggle and Western Paternalism in the Refugee Crisis

Bury Me, My Love

iOS, Android

Sidequest was provided with a copy of Bury Me, My Love for Android in exchange for a fair and honest review.

“Bury me, my love” is an Arabic phrase, used as a farewell to loved ones. It expresses a familiar sentiment: don’t die before me, I couldn’t live without you. Bury Me, My Love is also the title of a mobile game exploring the experience of one refugee’s perilous journey out of Syria. In it, you play Majd, messaging your wife, Nour, as she attempts to make her way to Germany, seeking refuge from the bombs and bullets of her homeland. Bury Me, My Love is a compelling game that explores important and emotional themes but not without replicating western patriarchal and paternalistic beliefs.

Bury Me, My Love, Playdius, 2018