GYGO Labor: Games Labor News Because There Are Too Many Layoffs

GYGO Labor: Games Labor News Because There Are Too Many Layoffs

Hi, I’m Joan, and I’m covering everything surrounding labor and working conditions in the games industry for this month’s GYGO! From game companies using generative AI instead of hiring more people to the battles for unionization, we’ll get into all of it. (more…)

GYGO: PAX East Worker Dies from COVID-19 and Activision Is Sued Again

GYGO: PAX East Worker Dies from COVID-19 and Activision Is Sued Again

Content note: COVID-19, mentions of harassment and abuse.

Welcome back to Get Your Game On! My name is Zainabb and I’m fed up with the ableds. There’s been an awful lot of awfulness this week, in gaming and beyond, so please remember to take care of yourself. Allow loved ones to support you just as much as you support them, and step up for the most marginalised members of our communities.

Here’s this week’s gaming news. (more…)

Get Your Game On: Chin Up, Destiny Fans!

Happy Wednesday, gaming lovelies! I hope your week is already filled with lots and lots of happy gaming! I’m sitting here waiting patiently for my next board gaming convention to arrive. Not soon enough! Let’s both get a little gaming fix with this week’s news.

Happy sadness for Destiny fans

Be kind to your Destiny pals today. Monday’s Twitter announcement that Destiny 2 is in the works means that yesterday’s “Age of Triumph” update was the last update for Destiny 1. Over the past three years, the average Destiny 1 gamer has clocked over 100 hours. Game developer Bungie, wants to celebrate that loyalty with “Age of Triumph” with new in-game rewards and a “Record Book” of achievements.

New Prey Trailer – Only Yu Can Save the World

As a science fiction nerd, I am looking forward to Prey from Bethesda (Fallout, Skyrim). Set on a space station, gamers play as Morgan Yu, but at the start of the game, there is little information on who Morgan Yu is. What I like about this particular trailer is the inclusion of four members of the game’s development team. In Prey, players can choose to play as male or female, in what appears to be a similar way to Fallout 4.

I appreciate how two people on the dev team refer to Morgan as “she.” Of the four team members, three are male and one female, Lead Producer, Susan Kath. I appreciate how common place it is. No flash, no giant banners shouting “we included a female character in our game now give us a cookie.”

A  sneak peek at the tabletop Harry Potter game expansion

After creating the seven games which make up Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, the folks at USAopoly realized they had so much additional content that they could create an expansion. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle- The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion will focus on the creatures of the magical wizarding world. Not your typical kill the monsters mechanic, some creatures will also need a little magical know-how to beat. There’s no official release date at this time, but check out the preview video for more details.

Other news you can use

Dead But Not Forgotten: Our Favorite Death in Video Games Moments

Dead But Not Forgotten: Our Favorite Death in Video Games Moments

What does death mean when it’s not permanent? Can it still make you cry if your character regenerates? Can it be meaningful? Or is it necessarily just an annoyance, a product of “failing” at gaming? In games “The End” is hardly ever true. It’s just “The End” of that attempt, but your character will resurrect itself. Time will turn back. Nothing is forever in games. Death in video games is nothing different. It’s a temporary condition, but it can be pretty awesome to watch.

As a gamer, I am often moved by emotional moments in games. Death can be handled tastefully, tactfully and really cause a crying jag. Or it can be gory and impressive, characters dying on the battlefield in a blaze of glory. So, we’ve shared our favorite moments of gaming death, but we’re excited to hear yours!

This piece contains spoilers for Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Bioshock, Halo: Reach, and Mass Effect 3


Game Shames Roundtable: “All Games Are Too Hard to Finish!”

Games Section writer and general excellent person Jules Low recently wrote this awesome piece about their ‘Game Shames.’ They wrote, “There’s an odd sense of guilt surrounding the idea that we can’t complete the video games we attempt, that we are somehow lesser for it.” I thought it would be interesting to see how the other gamers on staff felt about the shame associated with not gaming. (more…)