May Roundtable: Pop Music in Video Games

May Roundtable: Pop Music in Video Games

Video games and pop music. Who’d have thunk it? Marketing departments, probably. But marketing or no marketing, we have some thoughts on the ways video games are using pop music, and, most importantly, why any game that hasn’t asked Carly Rae Jepsen to do the soundtrack has made a grave misstep. (more…)

HUDs Up: Taking a Dive into Our Favorite HUDs and UIs

HUDs are a tricky thing—we tend not to notice them unless they’re bad, because, for the most part, they’re meant to provide us with necessary information and little more. But when games really go the distance, a good heads-up display can be as immersive and interesting as any other element of game design.


Borderlands: The Movie (Or, My Plea to 2K)

Picture it: a soft instrumental in the background, a train rolling across the screen. The desert rolls behind it, the sunshine glinting off the heavy metal. It’s serene, a peaceful picture.

Then a dog-reptile hybrid gets run over by the train, and the track by The Heavy picks up. (more…)

Flaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game Redheads [GIF]

Flaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game Redheads [GIF]

We’ve covered anime redheads. The books section has their literary gingers. And of course there’s the original comic book superheroes and villainous redheads. You love WWAC’s redhead collections as much as we do! Now it’s time for the games section to get on the ginger train with our pick of the deadliest video game redheads. (more…)

Flaming Gingers: Deadliest Video Game Redheads [GIF]

Scary, Magical Women: Lilith of Borderlands

SPOILER WARNING: Borderlands, Borderlands 2

“Alright, you mindless gun-hands: you’re looking for a really hot chick with blue tattoos and mystical powers. A Siren. Specifically, one named Lilith. The official reports say she died in New Haven, but I’m positive she’s hiding out near Sanctuary. If you catch wind of her, tell me and I’ll pay you enough money to build a mansion made out of other, smaller mansions. Out.

 “Yeah, I just realized you grunts are gonna get yourselves killed without this little tidbit: all Sirens are born with different, crazy-ass powers. You cannot — I repeat, CANNOT win a fight with them in one on one combat. you see Lilith, contact me IMMEDIATELY. I can handle her — you can’t. Me yes, you no!” – Handsome Jack

Women are magical, and that’s scary. (more…)