Dominion: Have Fun Almost Immediately

It’s such a relief to play a game and have fun almost immediately. It got a little heavy in the Dice Vice column last month and while that’s definitely ok, I’m glad that this month’s game was easy and quick. Though I must say that it is hilarious to me how excited I was to pick up on the game so easily. The rules took only about 10 minutes to explain and I understood those rules almost immediately? This is what heaven feels like, my friends. (more…)

Dice Vice: Saving the World with Pandemic

Board games are having a bit of a moment right now. In geek circles, Wil Wheaton has his show “Tabletop” on Geek & Sundry where he plays tabletop games with friends; new and interesting games are coming out all of the time, and it’s even making the news. With all the focus on board gaming even within admittedly niche circles, I’ve found myself getting really into them thanks to some lovely friends and an especially eager boyfriend.  (more…)