GYGO Cosy Games: So Many Cosy Game Announcements

Zainabb Hull shares all the upcoming cosy games they’re excited about, including The Crush House and Hello Kitty Island Adventure, plus The Sims 4 news and more.

July Roundtable: Underwater

In this month’s roundtable, the Sidequest crew tackles water levels: what makes them suck, what could be better, and which have the best music.

Postgame.26 – Bitches and Haters

In this month’s Postgame, Maddi, Zora, and Melissa discuss character creation, the pitfalls and merits of Dungeons & Dragons, and vampire names.

GYGO Nintendo: Nintendo Direct Is a Hit, Mostly

In this month’s Nintendo news: new announcements from June’s Nintendo Direct, some Zelda skepticism, and Nintendo’s latest crackdown on fan-made content.

Grow Up: Life is Strange Misses the YA Game Mark

Melissa Brinks examines Life is Strange’s melodrama, slang, and coming of age narrative and how these features make it a prime candidate for YA game status – but the game’s ambitions outweigh its execution.

Review: Neko Can Dream Delivers a Bittersweet Nostalgic Treat

Kathryn Hemmann reviews Neko Can Dream, a retro adventure game that explores the bittersweet fantasies we create to escape harsh realities.

Review: Pounce into Adventure with Cattails: Wildwood Story

Kamie Wootan finds that Cattails: Wildwood Story is an engaging revamp of the original, but lacks depth as a farming sim.

REVIEW: Venba Cooks Up An Emotional, Cosy Feast

Zainabb Hull reviews Venba, an emotional, cosy cooking game that tells a uniquely South Asian story of food, family, and finding your place in the world.

REVIEW: Mask of the Rose Provides Character-First, Monster-Dating Fun

Melissa Brinks discusses how Mask of the Rose, Failbetter’s newest entry in the world of Fallen London, expands the world by putting character first.

30XX Is a Great Start to a Mega Man X Successor

In their review, Joan Zahra Dark outlines what works about 30XX, and what doesn’t feel quite finished about this Mega Man-inspired roguelike.

The Art and Communities of Achievement Hunting

Cade Saenz explores why players are drawn to achievement hunting, the sorts of people who do it, and what makes an achievement good to hunt.

Building and Embracing Creativity with Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot

Nyasha Oliver explores how Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot feature allows players to embrace their creativity… and how it falls short.

PAX West Diary 2023: So Many Games, So Few Played

Melissa Brinks and Kael Lockwood sum up their experience at 2023’s PAX West with an unfortunate truth—there are simply too many games.

Level Up Your Poetry, Part 4: Games, Prose Poems, and Liminality

In this entry into her “Level Up Your Poetry” series, Katherine Quevedo examines prose poetry as a unique and evocative way to explore games.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Character Creator Gives Me Gender Euphoria

Ashley Schofield explores the delight they found in Monster Hunter Rise’s granular, assumption-free character creator.