November Roundtable: Food and Cooking in Games

The Sidequest crew sit down to talk about food, cooking, and games—arguably some of our favorite topics.

Wooing Leah: Cleaning and Domesticity in Stardew Valley and Real Life

Melissa Kagen shares the feeling of trying to live up to Leah, the perfect woman of Stardew Valley, and to occasionally take out the trash as well.

GYGO: Activision Blizzard Face Industry Criticism For Defending CEO Bobby Kotick

In this week’s gaming news, Activision Blizzard leadership continues to support Bobby Kotick while employees and shareholders call for Kotick’s resignation.

Death Is Only the Beginning: Mortality in the Roguelike

Returnal and Hades engage directly with roguelike’s cycle of death and rebirth, and in doing so start a conversation about our own mortality.

GYGO: Discord Users Say No-Fucking-Thanks’ to NFT Integration

In this week’s news: Discord teases NFT integration and it doesn’t go over well, Genshin Impact body pillows are a go, and… hot coffee.

Review: The Sisters Savitree’s Simplicity Leaves Complex Questions Unanswered

The Sisters Savitree is an interesting exercise in immersive gameplay, but it promises more than its conclusion delivers.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide

Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide provides a wealth of options for less common ancestries in the Pathfinder campaign setting.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide

Lost Omens: Pathfinder Society Guide provides new options for playing in Paizo’s organized play campaign, and catches new players up on what the organization’s history is.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends

Lost Omens: Legends provides updates on familiar faces from the past ten years of Pathfinder lore, laying out their stories for GMs to use.

Review: Piecing Together the Dragon Age: World of Thedas Map Puzzle

While you wait for the arrival of Dragon Age 4, you can explore the World of Thedas with this beautiful puzzle.

Chip Chat #1: Welcome to Chip Chat

In her first Chip Chat column, Madison Butler tries Lay’s Kobe Steak flavor potato chips and pairs them with a game they’re particularly suited for.

Level Up Your Poetry, Part 2: Anatomy of Two Gaming Poems

If you want to learn how to write poetry about video games, then the second part of Katherine Quevedo’s “Level Up Your Poetry” is for you! In this piece, Katherine breaks down two of her own gaming poems.

Level Up Your Poetry: Video Games & Ekphrastic Verse

Poetry about video games? You bet. It follows a fine tradition of ekphrastic poetry, or verse inspired by visual arts. Just as a poet might depict a painting in detail, you can portray the sights, sounds, and experiences of digital games through verse. The realm of...

Diary of a Hardline Shep, Part 3: Who Gets to Choose

Kael Langdon’s Mass Effect replay illustrates the horrifying consequences of giving a single person the power to decide the fate of entire species.

Diary of a Hardline Shep, Part 2: Space Colonialism Is Still Colonialism

Kael Langdon’s continuing replay of the Mass Effect series reveals that space colonialism is only a problem when someone else is doing it.




Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Tabletop fans Alenka Figa and Kate Lyons interview one another about their favorite D&D podcasts and what makes them so friendly to queer folks.