Neither/Nor: The Gender Politics of the Cyberpunk Character Creator

Emma Kostopolus discusses the interesting space for gender exploration created by Cyberpunk 2077’s buggy, fraught character creator.

GYGO: Game Events Go Online While Cops Crack Down on Esports

In this week’s gaming news: E3 goes online, computers made of crabs, and law enforcement tackles video game crimes.

Six Days In Fallujah Is Just More of the Same

Maddi Butler summarizes the ongoing conversation about politics in games and explains why Six Days in Fallujah is just repeating a party line.

GYGO: PlayStation Shutters Stores & Nintendo Switch Updates

In this week’s gaming news: Sony closes previous PlayStation generation stores, the Nintendo Switch gets a graphical upgrade, and more!

March Roundtable: Remakes and Remasters

It’s spring, which means renewal, which means talking about remakes and remasters in games—their benefits and their drawbacks.

Take a Break With These 3 Short Games

Alenka Figa reviews three short games from the anti-racism bundle. If you like quick, character-driven games, these are for you!

Confront Aliens (and Your Own Feelings) from the Comfort of a VR Mech in ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

Like many nerds that like mechs, what Jameson really wants is to pilot a mech—which is what excited them about VR’s ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos.

Review: Best Friend Forever is a Bastion of Queer, Dog-Friendly Joy

Best Friend Forever’s bright and cheerful world of dating and dog management is a sweet respite from reality.

Review: Addo’s “Oregon Trail”-Themed Dinner is a Bizarre Highlight in a Bleak Year

A pandemic may have gravely changed Melissa Brinks’ “Oregon Trail”-themed dinner at addo, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make a good memory.

Review: Replica Says a Lot But It Says Nothing Unique

Though Replica’s attempts at exploring a surveillance state are interesting, Elvie Mae Parian finds the Switch port to be a relic of the past.

The Splorts Report: The Founding and Future of the Blaseball Wiki

Emma Kostopolus interviews the admins of the Blaseball Wiki, a project cataloging fan creations and historical events in the Blaseball fandom.

Eat Your Games: Going Under’s Jobwich

Have you ever made a Jobwich? Maddi Butler teaches you how to make Going Under’s delicacy with ingredients you probably already have! Cue sobbing.

An Inclusive Future: A Recap of Game Devs of Color Expo 2020

Elvie Mae Parian recaps this year’s Game Devs of Color Expo, including how adaption to being digital-only made it more inclusive than ever.

Isobel Shasha Talks Pupperazzi, A Wholesome Dog Photography Game

Pupperazzi, a wholesome dog photography game is coming our way… eventually. Jameson Hampton talks with Isobel Shasha of developer Sundae Month to learn more.

We Really Are All Love Blaseball

Sometimes there’s a pandemic and sports are cancelled so instead we all get together and yell about Blaseball. That’s splorts, baby.




Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Tabletop fans Alenka Figa and Kate Lyons interview one another about their favorite D&D podcasts and what makes them so friendly to queer folks.