GYGO: Playing Games Is Good For You But Games Companies Are Not

In this week’s gaming news: a study shows playing video games is good for your wellbeing, while games companies continue to be toxic.

Game Enjambment: Oregon Trail Triolet

Katherine Quevedo shares a short triolet-style poem inspired by The Oregon Trail.

GYGO: Fake Influencer Drama Gets Real as Voice Actors Act Bad

In this week’s gaming news: Riot Games is accused of cribbing a real person’s life and appearance for Seraphina, the PS5 is huge, and more!

Do We Really Need Combat? Systems of Interaction in AAA Games

Video game combat is ubiquitous in the AAA space. How can we imagine a world where the biggest-budget games are not also the most violent?

My First Game: SSX (2000)

Paige Lyman walks through her first memorable game, SSX (Playstation 2, 2000), and how it’s comforted her throughout the years.

By Night Studios Provides the Vampire-Themed Bath Bombs We Deserve

By Night Studios, the company behind bringing Vampire the Masquerade alive, has introduced bath items, including bath bombs and oils! Jameson Hampton takes a look—or a bath, as it were.

Review: Hades Is a Ray of Sunshine in This Unending Night (or Day)

Supergiant’s most recent blockbuster release, Hades, rocks, and I’m going to kiss Death if it kills me (it will).

Preview: Root’s Early Access Faces Challenges in a New Format

Dire Wolf Digital’s online adaptation of Root is a delight, but its faithful adherence to the original board game might be holding it back.

Review: Necrobarista is a Cool Concept with a Lukewarm Execution

Necrobarista might be steaming with delicious visuals, but clunky writing leaves a latte to be deserved.

Review: I Am Not Playing Variations on Your Body

Melissa Brinks reviews the experience of not playing Variations on Your Body, a collection of pervasive games by Avery Alder.

An Inclusive Future: A Recap of Game Devs of Color Expo 2020

Elvie Mae Parian recaps this year’s Game Devs of Color Expo, including how adaption to being digital-only made it more inclusive than ever.

Isobel Shasha Talks Pupperazzi, A Wholesome Dog Photography Game

Pupperazzi, a wholesome dog photography game is coming our way… eventually. Jameson Hampton talks with Isobel Shasha of developer Sundae Month to learn more.

We Really Are All Love Blaseball

Sometimes there’s a pandemic and sports are cancelled so instead we all get together and yell about Blaseball. That’s splorts, baby.

Dr. Bonnie “Bo” Ruberg is Pioneering Queer Game Studies

Dr. Bo Ruberg, professor at UCI, is a pioneer in the field of queer game studies. In this interview, they talk about their path and their work.

Greenlight This, You Cowards: Let’s Go On Dungeon Dives with Dungeon Wives

Kate Lyons makes the case for a co-op exploration platformer version of the adorable actual-play podcast Dungeon Wives.