GYGO: The Military is Still on Twitch, but so Are Vtubers

In this week’s gaming news: the military is still on Twitch, concerns over Vtubing (animated avatars) practice, and Microsoft buys Bethesda.

GYGO: New Xbox, Scott Pilgrim Returns, GameStop Closures

In this week’s news: the Scott Pilgrim game is back (soon), Ubisoft buries its statement on harassment, and there’s big ol’ rat on Twitch.

Game Enjambment: That One Time I Drank the Potion from Super Mario Bros. 2

Katherine Quevedo shares a poem about what happens when you drink the potion from Super Mario Bros. 2.

GYGO: Marvel’s Avengers, Black Ops Cold War, Sims 4 Star Wars Pack, and More

In this week’s gaming news: Marvel’s Avengers is out, Call of Duty multiplayer footage leaks, and now you can visit Batuu in the Sims.

Sins of the Father: The Last of Us Part II and the Limits of Empathy

The Last of Us Part II is ostensibly Ellie’s story, but a lack of character growth and fixation on Joel’s legacy hinder its potential.

Review: Necrobarista is a Cool Concept with a Lukewarm Execution

Necrobarista might be steaming with delicious visuals, but clunky writing leaves a latte to be deserved.

Review: I Am Not Playing Variations on Your Body

Melissa Brinks reviews the experience of not playing Variations on Your Body, a collection of pervasive games by Avery Alder.

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn #1 Indulges in Sci-Fi Action But Can’t Leave Real-World Baggage Behind

Horizon Zero Dawn #1 is an intriguing start to the new comic series, but its emphasis on capturing the experience real-world sexism drags down the action.

Take Your Heart (and Tear it Apart): The Moral Dilemma of Persona 5 Royal’s New Endings

December Cuccaro explains why Persona 5 Royal’s endings are an improvement because of their tough moral choices between happiness and bittersweetness.

Review: Fairyland Confidential is Dark, Dangerous Fun

Fairyland Confidential’s mixture of noir and fairy tales makes for a thrilling single-player tabletop RPG, with only a few mechanical obstacles to overcome.

We Really Are All Love Blaseball

Sometimes there’s a pandemic and sports are cancelled so instead we all get together and yell about Blaseball. That’s splorts, baby.

Dr. Bonnie “Bo” Ruberg is Pioneering Queer Game Studies

Dr. Bo Ruberg, professor at UCI, is a pioneer in the field of queer game studies. In this interview, they talk about their path and their work.

Greenlight This, You Cowards: Let’s Go On Dungeon Dives with Dungeon Wives

Kate Lyons makes the case for a co-op exploration platformer version of the adorable actual-play podcast Dungeon Wives.

Preview: Spiritfarer is Charming, Whimsical, and Thoughtful

Spiritfarer, the upcoming death-positive management game from Thunder Lotus, is a beautiful and heartwarming look at friendship and saying goodbye.

Let Me Tell You About My OC: Elaine Morrigan is Terrible

Elaine Morrigan is terrible. If we work hard and are very, very lucky, we may be able to grow together.