March Roundtable: Luck Mechanics

Sidequest discusses luck mechanics in games and what luck can add to—or detract from—a game like Dungeons & Dragons or Disco Elysium.

GYGO: In Another Life, I Would Have Loved Doing Taxes With You, an Anime Girl

In this week’s gaming news: MSCHF launches anime girl tax prep, Ubisoft looks toward AI for games writing, and more.

GYGO: Dire Straits at the Disco

In this week’s gaming news: contrasting stories from Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM and its former team members, layoffs, shakeups, and more.

The Four Best Romance Club Stories To Play First

Wilona Wahab recommends the hottest, most compelling Romance Club interactive stories that you should start with.

GYGO: Square Enix, Square Enix, Sony

In this week’s gaming news: Square Enix’s blockchain dreams continue, Final Fantasy XVI confirmed to be an RPG, and more.

Review: A Space for the Unbound Journeys Through the Mind Toward the Apocalypse

Angharad Redden discusses how A Space For the Unbound successfully blends a careful exploration of mental health with an apocalyptic narrative.

Review: Chasing Static Is A Spooky Faux-Retro Walk Through the Woods

Headware Games’ Chasing Static is a retro psychological horror game that lovingly (and expertly) pays homage to PlayStation-era horror games.

Review: Teacup Is a Charming but Buggy Brew

Zainabb Hull reviews Teacup, an “easy” narrative game, but finds the experience on Android more frustrating than cosy.

Review: Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion is in Rock Angelz’s Shadow

Nyasha Oliver reviews Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion, and finds it to be an uninspired, mediocre use of the stylish franchise’s branding.

Preview: Lords and Villeins Has You Oversee in Ways that Overwhelm

Honestly Games’ Lords and Villeins is an earnest city builder that doesn’t quite add up to more than the sum of its parts.

Monster Hunter Rise’s Character Creator Gives Me Gender Euphoria

Harry Schofield explores the delight they found in Monster Hunter Rise’s granular, assumption-free character creator.

Autistic Representation in Video Games

Angharad Redden explores autistic representation in video games and how her own diagnosis changed her relationship with games.

The Dreamcast and Hypersensitivity: A Neurodivergent Christmas

Michelle Caldeira reminisces about cacophonous and cramped childhood Christmases, and the Dreamcast that changed everything.

Dark Souls and Trans Closets: Self Discovery Through Failure

Evelyn Grey explores the meta-narrative of Dark Souls, and why the game seems to resonate so much with transfeminine gamers.

How My Favorite Mobile Game is Choosing Inclusion

Ennis Bashe examines how mobile game Choices: Stories You Play works to include queer and trans players… and what it could improve on.