GYGO: Some Games Done Quick, Some Games Done Less Quick

In this week’s gaming news: games getting done quick, the movement to unionize games makes progress, and a Kentucky Route Zero Episode 5 has a release date.

As the Final Fantasy XV Fandom Continues On

Final Fantasy XV came out two years ago, but the fandom is as healthy as ever! Paige Lyman steps us through its history and takes a look at the future.

Finding Fantastic Drinks (Part 1): I Can Run a LARP… Right?

Running a 15+ person Harry Potter LARP in your living room with almost no previous experience is totally manageable, right? Marlena Abraham digs into their experience.

GYGO: Decade Recaps, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leaks, and More

Happy Wednesday, and happy 2020! Every Wednesday, Sidequest gives you a round-up of the week's gaming news. What games have you been playing lately? I finally started Star Wars Battlefront II and have been playing the campaign. I love the main player character, Iden...

The Untitled Goose Game and Philosophy

Untitled Goose Game is about chaos. It is also about philosophy, as the Sidequest crew happily demonstrates.

Review: Pokemon Masters is a Gotcha Game

Tia Kalla explains why Pokemon Masters, a game that could theoretically excel in the gacha genre, is instead an exploitative mess.

Games We Loved in 2019… Even if They Didn’t Come Out This Year

Sidequest’s best games of 2019 were not necessarily games that came out this year, but that doesn’t mean we love them any less.

Recap: In Life is Strange #9, The Truth Comes Out

Life is Strange: Waves wrapped up in Life is Strange #8 with more questions than answers. Life is Strange: Strings kicks off with a promise to search for them, but it takes its time. Before the audience can get answers, Chloe and Rachel have to catch up with what we...

Review: Off the Record Made Me Sad and Happy I Don’t Own a Record Store

Off the Record is a quick, simple point-and-click adventure game that leaves you with a lasting appreciation for the fact that all good things must fade.

Review: Dial Your Way Through Eerie Worlds In Strange Telephone

Jamey Hampton reviews the glitchy, weird worlds of Strange Telephone, a game where you travel to new worlds by dialing phone numbers.

Crush Crush CRUSHED! A Postmortem

Melissa Brinks and Nola Pfau come to terms with the terrifying reality that they each spent over a year on Crush Crush. It could have been worse?

Creating a New Normal: A Recap of the Game Devs of Color Expo 2019

Elvie Mae Parian recaps this year’s Game Devs of Color Expo, including some of the wonderful games exhibited at the event.

Let Me Tell You About My OC: I Want To Be An Elven Princess

Kate Lyons shares the story behind Belegerwen Daeris, an elven princess who helped her rekindle her love of writing after writer’s block.

Jackalope’s “Cyberpunk: Night City” Made Me Cry Real (in Character) Tears

Night City, Jackalope’s latest massive LARP, gave Jameson Hampton the chance to experience love, redemption, and tragedy in an immersive Cyberpunk world.

Grow Up: Marvel’s Spider-Man Proves We Need Real YA Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a delightful game about a young adult learning to be a better person, but despite that, it’s not actually YA.




Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Thirsty for D&D Podcasts

Tabletop fans Alenka Figa and Kate Lyons interview one another about their favorite D&D podcasts and what makes them so friendly to queer folks.