Heated Gaming Moments: What’s Acceptable? (Not Racism)

Felix Kjellberg once again has said something racist. In a livestream last week he used a racist slur. Noted buffoon Ian Miles Cheong chose to mischaracterise this as understandable; as Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, let loose the term whilst in a “heated gaming moment”–angry because he was momentarily losing at a game–Cheong suggested that both the phrase and its use were meaningless. In fact, of course, what a person has allowed themselves to become comfortable proclaiming (internally or externally) is what will come out of their mouth when they are excited and cross. If Kjellberg is comfortable with racist language, that is what he will say. And he did. This is why people call him “racist.” It’s very simple mathematics.


10 Card Games to Try from Gen Con 50

Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana is known as the four best days in gaming. On August 19th through 20th, companies showcased their best new games to over 200,000 attendees at the 50th anniversary of the tabletop convention. Below is a list of ten new and exciting card games that were demoed, previewed, and sold at Gen Con.


Love the Tortall Books? Play These Five Games

Tamora Pierce, the author who created Tortall, has been critical to my growth as a writer and a person. (I should have known I was non-binary when I tried to bind my chest like Alanna, but also still wanted to be a girl!) Loving Tortall as much as I do means that I’m always on the hunt for things that remind me of it. As a gamer, any game that can even hint at Tortall is a win for me. (more…)

The Passion of Game Planning

One of my resolutions this year involves my introduction to the Passion Planner. I am usually the kind of person who fails at planners. I do okay with a combination of Google Calendar and to-do lists, but to actually write things down and keep at it diligently? None of the usual planner formats inspired me, until I found Passion Planner. It’s doing wonders for keeping me focused on my goals and to-do lists for work, my kids, my WWAC articles, etc. But, in the planning and bullet journaling research I have been doing since the end of last year, I’ve realized that there’s simply no reason not to plan for me. Just me and the things I love doing. As a result, all of my passions, from reading to gaming, are now recorded for posterity. Because what’s a planner if it can’t include important tasks like “kill a dragon” or “romance Suvi”? (more…)

Flashfic: Living Our Best Gaming Lives

One of the things we love most about gaming is the ability to lose ourselves in other worlds. If our gamer motivation profiles are anything to go by, it’s clear that immersion is high the list of elements we look for in a game. We are the kind of people who take the time to truly explore our gaming worlds and really, really get to know the companions that accompany us while we are there.

Today we’re taking it one step further with a flashfic challenge by writing ourselves into our favourite/current game worlds. Care to join us? Leave your 500 word flashfic in the comments! (more…)

Phantom of the Kill VS Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem is a franchise that sets the standard for strategy role playing games. A world filled with characters fighting for their ideals in a conflict that generally ends with a big dragon. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite franchises ever and, while I did not love the most recent entries (the multiple versions of fates) change in direction, I still adore the series. So when Fire Emblem on mobile was announced they had my attention. Naturally I’ve dived deep into this game, clearing every normal story mission, most hard, and half the lunatic missions. That said there is another, Phantom of the Kill (PotK), a mobile game in the vain of Fire Emblem I also played during this stretch of Fire Emblem time.  How does a game inspired by Fire Emblem for consoles compare to the “real deal” made for mobile? Let’s find out shall we? (more…)