GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

It’s another week of Get Your Game On news, where announcements for more games sadly come accompanied by more unsavory industry nonsense! (more…)

GYGO: Fuck Capitalism, Go Home

Welcome to Wednesday! I’ve been dabbling at being a consulting detective in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. It’s a lot of fun, but phew, y’all weren’t joking about how bad that arm wrestling minigame is. It does a great job overall of making me feel briefly smarter than Sherlock Holmes (bro, how did not not immediately conclude that the train wasn’t a real train at all? Trains are super loud!) before revealing that while I may have been right about one thing, I was super, super wrong about the rest—a great feeling for a mystery game.

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening in gaming news! (more…)

GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

GYGO: New Releases and Nintendo’s Anti-Piracy Ruthlessness

We’re switching gears to a new biweekly schedule of GYGO. This way we get an even grander batch of gaming news! (more…)

GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

GYGO: Trademark Trolls, Pokemon DOn’t, and the Usual Microsoft/Activision Shenanigans

Another week, another Wednesday! The GYGO crew is going to be going biweekly for a bit, which might mean that I may actually be playing something new next time you hear from me. Ha ha, just kidding, I’ll still be creating a series of island paradises in Tropico 4.

Here’s the news: (more…)

GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

GYGO: E3 Canceled Yet Again

Welcome to Get Your Game On! I’m December, your purveyor of gaming news this week. Gather ’round gamers and feast your eyes on: (more…)

GYGO: Riot Settles and Overwatch 2 Pivots

GYGO: In Another Life, I Would Have Loved Doing Taxes With You, an Anime Girl

Welcome to another Wednesday! For some inexplicable reason, I’ve jumped back into Tropico 4 lately. Why Tropico 4 and not the two other versions that have come out since? Well, because I’m too lazy to buy another one, and I don’t know what I’m missing. I had a hankering to benevolently rule an island and no hankering at all to research which edition is best. I also picked up Vampire Survivors for mobile while traveling, and it turns out it’s the perfect game for whiling away some time on a train. I was feeling pretty good about lasting eight minutes or so until I just looked at how long other people spend on a single playthrough and now I remember why I don’t usually play roguelikes.

Anyway, let’s talk about the news! (more…)