GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

Hello! It’s Wednesday again, and I’m still playing Longleaf Valley. I just figured out how to reunite Buttercup the deer with her family, by which I mean I merged items for roughly two thousand years of my life and then clicked a button. But readers, ya girl loves to merge. I’ve also been dabbling in Civilization V again while rewatching a TV show, so yeah, you could say I’m pretty hip to what’s going on in the gaming world right now.

Israel’s assault on Palestine continues. Please consider subscribing to Crips for Palestine, a newsletter of digital actions compiled by our very own Zainabb Hull, reading up on the conflict from the Palestine Feminist Collective, or donating to one of the randomized fundraisers at

The annual Queer Games Bundle is also available this month to celebrate Pride—pick it up now for $60 and get 489 games, zines, and more!


GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

GYGO Mobile: This One’s Mostly About Pop Stars

Hello, and welcome to another Wednesday! I’ve been dipping back into my gaming jar recently to pull some games at random, and among the multiplayer TTRPGs I don’t have time for, I had a good time playing Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald, which is directed by William Pugh, who did The Stanley Parable, and that’s all I’m going to tell you about it. I also very much enjoyed Tiny God: A Tiny Game of Two-Minute Mindfulness, which was lovely, actually. I don’t even remember what the theme of my game was, but I do remember the experience being something like this iconic Tumblr post, so that’s nice! If you backed the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality three years ago, it should be in your library too, and Dr. Langeskov is free, so don’t hesitate to dive in!

Israel’s attacks on Palestine, including the invasion of Rafah, are still ongoing. If you have the funds to donate, Gaza Funds provides a new fundraising opportunity each time you reload the page. I’ve also been reading Palestine Feminist Collective lately, as well as Zainabb Hull’s Crips for Palestine newsletter, which provide vital information and updates on the crisis as well as actions you can take to inform others and support Palestinians in need.

And here’s what’s been happening in mobile games! (more…)

Review: Neko Can Dream Delivers a Bittersweet Nostalgic Treat

Review: Neko Can Dream Delivers a Bittersweet Nostalgic Treat

Neko Can Dream is a nonviolent, narrative-focused Game Boy-style adventure game available on both mobile platforms and in a physical cartridge for the Game Boy itself. Players take on the role of a cat-eared young woman who wakes to find herself in a strange city. An avian yakitori restaurant owner offers her a job, asking her to capture and can the dreams of the city’s sleeping residents. In order to secure these cans, the young woman must enter three dreams, each of which contains a complete story. While referencing classic games through original scenarios, Neko Can Dream expertly guides the player from one scene to the next as it reflects on the refuge that the fantasy world of dreams offers people who find themselves alienated from the real world. (more…)

GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

GYGO Mobile: Emulators Come to the App Store

Hello again, fellow mobile gamers! I’ve been taking a loosely enforced break from social media, which means my screen time is largely focused on my great love of reading articles and playing mobile games. A GYGO or so ago, I wrote about Longleaf Valley, a merge game that plants trees when players accrue enough tokens. I suggested it might be my new Lily’s Garden, and while that not might be exactly true (the plot doesn’t grab me quite as much) it’s a great little game to pass time during commercial breaks. It’s just organizing, folks. We know I love organizing.

I hope you had time to grab the Bundle for Palestinian Relief, which raised over $575,000 for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF). If you missed the bundle, you can still donate to the PCRF at their website. You could also consider eSims for Gaza, which provides people in the region with a way to communicate with their families and people outside the region. If you like a little extra for your donation, Cartoonist Cooperative has a program where you can send them proof of purchasing an eSim for Gaza in exchange for art.

Here’s what’s been happening in the mobile gaming world! (more…)

GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

GYGO Mobile: Lady Gaga Corrects Her Spelling of Fortnite

Hello again, mobile gamers! I have admittedly not been mobile gaming all that much in the past few weeks after a series of ridiculous events and being down with the flu for an entire week. Don’t get the flu! I had a flu shot and everything! Just don’t do it!! You’ll be so tired you won’t even be capable of disappearing into Baldur’s Gate 3. You’ll spend eight or so hours watching the first season of Bridgerton and feel unable to figure out why you did that even though you couldn’t stand Daphne. Just say no, folks.

Fellow GYGO writers have done an amazing job providing resources to learn more about the ongoing atrocities the Israeli government is committing against the people of the Gaza strip. In addition to the many resources they’ve provided for learning more and supporting individuals and organizations that provide aid to those in the region, I also recommend Operation Olive Branch, a compilation of links, fundraising opportunities, and more for people in need, and the Stop Gaza Genocide Toolkit, which contains action items and information you can visit and revisit as often as you like. I also find Crips for Palestine, a newsletter of digital actions for disabled people and allies written by our own Zainabb Hull, extremely helpful and informative.

Here’s what’s been going on in the world of mobile games while I wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever. (more…)

GYGO Mobile: Fortnite’s Vehicle Combat Under Pay-to-Win Scrutiny

GYGO Mobile: Apple’s New Commission Rules Bring Back Epic, but They Still Suck

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday, fellow mobile gamers! I have rediscovered FrenchGuys’ Twenty for roughly the thirtieth time in my life and am knee-deep in swiping numbers again. I’ve been playing a lot of the “Thirty” mode lately, and the game’s frenetic pace occupies so much of my immediate energy that I don’t have time for thoughts. Ideal!

Anyway, here’s what’s been happening in mobile games since we last spoke. (more…)