Laser Kittens: An Interview with Cheyenne Wall-Grimes

Although I had met Cheyenne Wall-Grimes a time or two before, it was really my experience with her at Metatopia, a gaming convention for designers, that told me the kind of person she was. It was my first time attending, and I was really not sure about this whole designer business. I was probably trying to fade back into the wall before someone spotted me and alerted everyone that a “fake designer” was there, when Cheyenne walked right up to me and introduced herself. She told me it was her first time there too, and I looked a little lonely, so I could hang out with her and we’d have a great time. Not only was she right about that last part, but it was a very kind gesture that was truly heartfelt and upheld throughout the entire convention. That’s just how Cheyenne is, and I was not surprised a bit to hear she was designing a role playing game about being a kitten.


Winter Break Stretches On: How to Game with Your Family

Last year I introduced my mother to the wonders of modern board games and it was amazing. Rather than loll about on the couch after consuming way too much turkey, we worked together to stop some diseases threatening to wipe out civilization. And while I haven’t converted her into a full-fledged gamer, you too can reap major benefits by including your relatives in your gaming habits. Here are some tips and tricks to convert the non-gamers in your family: (more…)

Scary Times with Dice: 15 Horror Games

Scary Times with Dice: 15 Horror Games

Halloween is on a Saturday this year, and while some people will don their costumes and head out to the bars, others of us are looking for something a little quieter, but still fun. I’ve reviewed a few creepy games before, but here are fifteen RPGs you can play with friends this Halloween, with options for all levels of familiarity with role playing and levels of horror!

Full disclosure: I will be working on the new version of Viewscream, have a friendly relationship with Ken Hite, and belong to a professional organization with the makers of Chill and Cat. I also do freelance work for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.


Diversify Tabletop: Finding Diverse Designers Among the d20s

Recently, I noticed a new hashtag pop up on my Twitter feed: #DiversifyTabletop. I took notice because I’ve seen a couple of attempts to make lists of tabletop games made by women, PoC, and members of the LGBTQ community. The assumption is that these type of creators are not as visible as the traditional straight white male designer. There are a lack of resources, promotion, and cultural support for those outside of this mold. Tanya D. and Emily Care Boss are trying to fix that through their initiative “Diversify Tabletop.” (more…)

Free RPG Day is Upon us!

Hey gamers and gamers-to-be! Tomorrow is Free RPG Day, that magical day when you can head down to your local game store to pick up some free swag and play in a game or two. This is an international event, and you can look up your closest participating store on the website.

To give you an idea of what to expect, some of the biggest RPG companies give out mini-adventures and starter’s guides to their games. Each store receives a different mix, but this year you might get a Quickstart guide to Cosmic Patrol, a retro sci fi game put out by Catalyst Game Labs, or one for the superhero Valiant Universe, if you want to mix your comics with your gaming. This Quickstart will let you try out the game without buying the full game. Or you might be able to snag a Steve Jackson bookmark with a unique rule to use while playing Munchkin, or an adventure for Kobolds Ate My Baby, a tongue-in-cheek game where you play the bad guys instead of the heroes. Paizo, the owner of fantasy RPG Pathfinder, always puts out at least one adventure, and Pelgrane Press has a 13th Age/Night’s Black Agents combined flipbook. Hunt down vampires? Why, don’t mind if I do!

In addition to the goodies available, this is a great time to play in a game. Most local game stores have events going all day, with special guests, prizes, and scheduled games. For example, my local store has games running one after another, including Numenera, Star Wars Edge of Empire, and Pathfinder. One of my friends is organizing the events at her local store, and they have over seven different systems available to play. So if there’s a game you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had a chance, an old favorite you rarely get to play, or if you just want to dip your toe in the tabletop role playing waters for the first time, Saturday will be a lovely day.