You Wanted a Movement? #StopGamerGate2014

Yesterday afternoon, Utah State University was sent anonymous threats of violence. “Feminists have ruined my life,” the man claimed. He would shoot up the university, targeting women, especially feminists, if Anita Sarkeesian was allowed to give a planned talk on sexism in video games. The talk was cancelled.


Products Over People: What GamerGate Gets Wrong

When I was ten and my brother twelve, we got Sunday morning paper routes. He used his money to buy gaming consoles; I used mine to buy comics. He stayed up late most nights gaming, and most mornings he’d be dead to the world in compensation. I was stuck delivering his share of the papers so often (thanks, bud!) that I eventually took over his route. More comics for me! But no fewer games for him — he found other ways to make and save money, because no measly pre-teen sleep schedule troubles would get in the way of him and the hottest new game. (more…)