Alphabear: Unbearably Cute

Alphabear: Unbearably Cute

Name: Alphabear
Studio: Spryfox
Cost: Free to play with in-app purchases

Platform:  Android/IOS (this review covers the Android version)

Genre: Word/Puzzle
Release Date: July, 2015
Other games: Triple Town, Road Not Taken

If you ever played Triple Town–the game where you had to build a town and keep the bears from blocking your expansion–you’ll like Alphabear, which is the game’s sibling-in-spirit. (more…)

Local Gaming Shop Review: Giga Bites Cafe, Marietta, GA

Giga-Bites Cafe

2197 Roswell Rd, STE 101
Marietta Ga 30062
(770) 578-1497


This week has been full of marvelous synergy for me.

I wrote a Retrospective on Superior Spider-Man; the day after, comiXology puts the title on sale!

A little background on how this review came to pass: Saturday the 26th, I went to dinner to catch up with an old friend. As is our usual routine, we caught each other up on what we’ve been doing, watching, playing, and reading.

I mentioned I’d just finished reading Geekomancy, Celebromancy, and the Side Quest novels about a geeky woman who discovers she’s a mage, and was excitedly describing the biracial heroine Ree Reyes and the fact that as the story begins she was working in a gamer-slash-coffee shop. (more…)