Indigo Panics: Anxiety in Gaming

Dear video games,

We have long had a strange and tenuous relationship. I have very often been busy with life. Building one’s own business is a long and difficult task. I had been trying to find time to myself, but when I had that time, I usually found I needed to sleep. It seems strange, I know. Because sleep is my mortal enemy, and every day, I walk into its arms almost (almost) willingly.


Indigo Panics: In the Beginning

In a galaxy very, very close, exactly one lifetime ago… From this time, there is hardly any history, as MySpace was not yet invented, so no one could immortalize their memories without leaving the comfort of their homes. Princess Leia–uhhh, Indigo–takes up one controller in their small hand. It is the start of a lifetime looking at screens. It is a new game system. *Cue Star Wars theme*