Dice Vice: Lords of Waterdeep, a D&D Board Game

Hello tabletop gamers! I’m on a serious Dungeons & Dragons tear right now, so I’m going to talk about Lords of Waterdeep, a worker placement tabletop game with a D&D theme. Last month I wrote about libraries and gaming, specifically about investigating playing D&D with some of my library teens. So this month I’m going to continue to talk about the role-playing game, at least tangentially. (more…)

Dice Vice Does Denver: Gaming at Libraries and Library Conventions

This month, I’m going to take a break from talking about a new game I’m playing and take you on a magical journey. Imagine hundreds, nay thousands, of ladies* and a few men, all decked out in gear ranging from sensible shoes to cat-print sweaters to tattoos to all of the above wandering around a convention center. You’ll hear strange and arcane acronyms and initialisms like OPAC, MARC, ILS, IMLS, RDA, YALSA, ACRL, and more. You’ll see them jockeying in line to be first to get free books even though they work in a place where free books is kind of what they do all day. What is this place? Why, it’s a librarian conference and specifically last week’s Public Library Association (PLA) Conference in Denver!


Dice Vice: Mission: Red Planet

Did you read or see The Martian and think to yourself, “I could do that”? I did not because I don’t think that I could “science the shit” out of that many things, but I do like the idea of space travel. So, if you like space and are looking for a game that is easy to pick up—little science involved—enter, Mission: Red Planet! This is a delightful new edition of an older game about traveling to Mars via steam-powered rockets to exploit its resources—because what else do we humans do?—in 1888.


Dice Vice: Imma Take ALLLLL the Camels with Jaipur

This month’s game is a great little two-player game called Jaipur. The game’s introduction states that the aim is to try and become the “Maharaja’s personal trader by being richer than your opponent at the end of each week.” You spend three weeks, or rounds, collecting and selling goods like diamonds, gold, silver, cloth, spices, and leather. There are friendly camels to help you, and the more goods you sell at one time the better bonuses you get. At the end of each round, the person with the highest amount of money wins, and it’s best of three rounds.


Dice Vice: A Board Game Cafe Triple Threat

An interesting thing happened on the way to my monthly Dice Vice gaming: a wild board game cafe appeared! If you’ve never been to a board game cafe you should definitely see if there is one in your area and plan a visit. Basically, it’s a cafe—the one in my town serves coffee, sandwiches, and gelato, but some serve booze—where you can pay a fee to play any of the cafe’s collection of board games. At this one, it’s $5 per person for the day, and if you’re there for a few hours you can play a lot of games. It’s a great way to try out some new games before you commit to buying them or just play with your friends with some food and a nice change of scenery. (more…)