Makers of Tampon Run Tell It like It Is: A Girl Code Review

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the endless runner web and phone game Tampon Run. If you haven’t seen it, go play the cute and strangely addictive game where you throw tampons at bullies and try to combat the menstruation taboo. The game became an internet sensation when it debuted in 2014 for its cheeky subject matter and the fact that it was made by two teenage girls at a free summer program called Girls Who Code. (more…)

Dice Vice: Lazy Summer Bluffing Games

Summer is a great time for get-togethers and seeing friends. There are beach days and cookouts, and I like to get outside as much as I can. For a warm weather lover like myself, Massachusetts weather is tolerable about half the year. So I admit that playing board games isn’t as attractive in the summer months. I’ll save the hours of gaming and rules explanations for the winter, thank you very much!

But that doesn’t mean I stop playing altogether! Rather, in the summer it’s great to play some lighter or party games. Lately, we’ve been playing a lot games that deal with bluffing or just down right bullshitting other players. Hot languid nights make it easier to loosen up and put your gullible friends to the test. Some perennial favorites of these types of games are Skull and Spyfall. Both of these games are also great for opening a night of gaming.

Full disclosure: I am terrible at bluffing. Terrible. I giggle, and I can’t make a poker face at all. So I never win at these games, but that’s okay. If you’re looking to have a lot of fun and learn something quickly, check these out. (more…)

Why I Game: Trying to Try

Why I Game: Trying to Try

I’m not a gamer. I don’t think I could check the “gamer” box if asked to fill out some sort of imaginary label survey for my life. I play games, mostly the tabletop and board variety, but I wouldn’t call myself a gamer. Maybe it’s an unfair assumption or stereotype that I have and that I need to get over, but I don’t think I have the knowledge and experience, and let’s face it, hours of game play logged to call myself a gamer. But I love to play games even though it wasn’t always that way. (more…)