Meet the Devs: Alayna Cole, Founder of Queerly Represent Me

Welcome to Meet the Devs where we will interview and focus on developers who are women or nonbinary. It was found a recent study that women’s code is preferred over men’s, unless the selector knows a woman made it. This may not shock you as the tech industry is greatly dominated by men and by sexism. Stack Overflow’s 2015 Developer Survey found that only 5.8% of programmers identified as female, and only 0.5% identified as “other” (with 1.7% choosing to not disclose). Women and nonbinary individuals do exist, and visibility is important.

Today we’ll hear from Alayna Cole whose interest and expertise stretch across the gaming industry. The featured image is from her game Fairy Taleone of several games she’s developed. She is the creator of the database Queerly Represent Me, which “aims to feature an exhaustive and ever-growing list” of unique representation of gender, sexuality, and relationships in games. You can catch her on her personal Twitter and Queerly Represent Me’s Twitter. (more…)

Card Wars: Perfect Tabletop Game

Card Wars: Perfect Tabletop Game

Tabletop games are hot. Hipsters everywhere will tell you about their favorite bar’s Settlers of Catan nights. Reddit has brought the Target exclusive Oregon Trail card game to our attention, which will surely tap into the same nostalgia pipeline Pokémon GO was been mining. Even our favorite shows know how great tabletop gaming is: The Dungeons & Dragons episode of Community is considered one of the best, and Netflix’s Stranger Things starts out with a tabletop game. Adventure Time even created its own in-show game, Card Wars, and it’s perfect. (more…)

4 Video Game Zines for Your Zine Month

July is International Zine Month, and we are celebrating here at the Games Section with thematic publications. Zines are made to celebrate so many things: Music, sexuality, cake recipes, the list goes on. Video games are no exception. So, for this month we bring you a list of zines to keep you satisfied between gaming sessions. (more…)