Welcome back to Postgame, Sidequest’s monthly-ish podcast where the editors lay down hot takes on cold games. This month, Maddi, Melissa, Zainabb, and Zora discuss the best games ever, objectively. No, shh, we’re right.

Mistakes: At one point, Melissa says Portal 2 is the best game ever (outside of the point where she says that Portal 2 is a better game than Portal). Obviously she is mistaken—she meant to say Portal is the best game ever.

Topics and Timestamps:

  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (00:03:20)
  • Portal (00:27:35)
  • Nier (00:50:09)
  • Facade (01:11:30)

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Zora Gilbert: Now, people may tell you that the emerald hunt and robot levels are bad.

Zainabb Hull: Yes.

Zora: They’re wrong.


Zora: They are not always good. And some of them have indeed taken years off my life.

Zainabb: Yes.

Zora: However, comma. Is it not true that suffering makes joy all the sweeter? Is it not true that we must know the bad in order to truly enjoy the good?

Zainabb: That’s the Foucault.

Melissa Brinks: Would you say that the bad levels are like kind of a prison, maybe, in which you are kept?

Zora: I do believe that there are they are a prison, but I don’t think anybody’s watching. It’s a different kind of suffering.


Melissa: Maybe this is more Camus than then Foucault.

Zora: I’ve got to read any philosophy.

Melissa: Wow, how dare you.

Maddi Butler: I have a cheat sheet I can send you.

Zainabb: Imagine if you were in the cave and the shadows on the wall looked like Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. That would be an experience.

Zora: To me, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is the form that all other games are simply shadows of. Is that how that works?

Melissa: OK.

Zora: Hold on.

Melissa: Yeah.

Zora: Yeah!

Melissa: Yeah, it’s the real thing behind the shadows.

Zora: Indeed, it is the real thing behind the shadows. All later Sonic games are simply the shadows created by Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Melissa: The Shadow the Hedgehog, right? That’s a thing, right?

Zainabb: Oh my god.

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