We here at Sidequest are a hungry bunch. That’s why we’ve brought you such important and groundbreaking series as Eat Your Games and Chip Chat—we love games, we love a snack, so why not combine the two?

But what we haven’t done yet is pit our favorite gaming snacks against one another. So we bring you an important question: what gaming food would you most like to eat, and why? Help us design a menu for our Patrons, and nominate your favorite gaming foods in the comments!


Melissa Brinks: I love watching my husband play FromSoft games, and I once asked what he thinks an Estus Flask tasted like. I don’t remember what his answer was (sorry), but I thought “apple juice” was pretty funny, and now I only refer to any FromSoft healing item as “a sippy of apple juice.” Except for Demon’s Souls, which is quite obviously a salad. I do think it’s probably the best apple juice on earth (or whatever hell plane FromSoft games take place on) if it heals you that well.

Zainabb Hull: I actually have two Skyrim snacks to shout out because, alongside my dessert sweetroll, I want an entire wheel of cheese. That perfect, perfect Skyrim cheese wheel that would fuck up my guts but temporarily improve my life exponentially.

Main Course

Cress: In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne you get to meet the Grammeowster Chef Felyne, who taught the head cook in the rest of the game. And just look at this spread she creates! My stomach is already growling.

Nola Pfau: Aunt May’s Wheat Cakes.

Zainabb: I’ve been vegetarian for over half of my life and, for a long time, the one type of meat-food I missed eating was fried chicken. With vegan versions becoming increasingly accessible over the last decade, I’m now able to (regularly) sate that particular craving, but for a while when I was younger, I lived vicariously through Cluckin’ Bell in Grand Theft Auto IV. I don’t think you ever actually see a Cluckin’ Bell meal but it was novelty enough being able to walk into a virtual chicken shop and buy my one meat-based craving. In fact, when I tried to play Grand Theft Auto V, I got past the (what felt like) six-hour opening cutscene, played for about 20 minutes, realised I couldn’t visit a Cluckin’ Bell, and never played the game again.


Cress: For dessert, I really want to try that monster cake from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The monster extract used in it is supposed to make everything taste good. Look how cute it is! None of the ingredients are fondant, so it’s gotta be great!

Melissa: This isn’t actually my choice, but I just want to brag that somebody brought the Portal cake to my wedding as a gift. A bakery near Valve’s office at the time made big, beautiful Black Forest cakes that inspired the design of the one in the game, and since I live in the greater Seattle area, a friend actually brought the (or the inspiration for the) Portal cake to celebrate.

Melissa: My actual choice is Toriel’s Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie from Undertale—it sounds so fucking good.

Zainabb: Sweet! Rolls! I really want to eat a sweetroll, specifically the kind from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim rather than Oblivion (although, look, I’ll eat any type of sweetroll I’m given). Skyrim‘s sweetrolls look like delicious bundt cakes, a kind of upgrade from Oblivion‘s other mouth-watering treat, the sweetcake. The icing adds pure sugar to what seems like a dense, cakey bread that’ll keep you full for several hours—perfect for trekking through the mountains (or just lying on the sofa with a pet, satisfied).