Hello GYGO pals, welcome back to another roundup of all the news scraps that don’t really fit other beats! I’m currently out of state for some friends’ baby shower, so this one’ll be short and sweet.

Before we get to rights shenanigans and hot dog Switch cases, though, it remains necessary to remember the absolute atrocities Israel is committing against the people of the Gaza strip. This week, the Israeli military has continued to threaten its full-scale assault on Rafah, the city they’ve been telling Gaza City’s residents to flee to. While there are words to describe what is happening (i.e., “genocide”), it’s difficult to articulate the sour mix of horror, revulsion, and anger I feel at Israel’s every move.

If you can, please consider donating to the UNRWA, who are still doing relief work in the Gaza strip, or purchasing eSIMs to help keep Gaza residents connected to each other and the world. If you need some extra incentive, many Cartoonist Co-op members are offering artwork in exchange for eSIM donations!

Owning Stuff Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore

On January 3, PC Gamer reported that Spec Ops: The Line had been removed from sale due to “expiring partnership licenses.” The designer and director of the 2012 game were not expecting this, and did not have any idea what was going on at the time of removal. Most sources appear to think it has to do with music licensing issues, but I haven’t yet found confirmation. Per The Verge, the game won’t be back.

Meanwhile (or, rather, at the end of last year), Take-Two filed a trademark dispute against Remedy’s new repeating R logo, claiming it looks too much like Rockstar’s R. Now, if you’re able to read this article you may be aware of this, but the letter R does need to have certain similarities across typefaces to remain legible, and you can only do so much with a sans-serif character… much of which, I would argue, Rockstar and Remedy have already done differently. According to a Remedy rep, the situation has already been “resolved entirely and amicably” and that filing the opposition was “simply an initial formality” but what that means is unclear.

In other news…

After expert review and a defamation case settlement, the Donkey Kong guy finally gets to have his speedrun scores posted officially on Twin Galaxies. Congrats, I guess?

The Van Gogh museum has fired four museum workers after they allegedly executed a minor heist: stealing a box of limited-edition Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat cards. The whole situation seems bad, actually.

The AGDQ speedrun dog… I love him.

They put machine learning in a sex toy and you can call a consultant line if you don’t know how to use it. Everything about this makes me feel like the world is super normal!

Larian took the stage at the DICE awards and snipped at the game industry’s unhealthy and obsessive focus on shareholder profit, which I can appreciate.

Beyoncé(’s ad team) really did make a Twitch account for this minute-and-a-half long Verizon Superbowl commercial. Oh also, she’s releasing Renaissance Act II.

Aaand finally, you can get a NES-style Switch controller that looks like an Oscar Meyer hot dog. The controller itself makes me… uncomfortable… but my entire household has agreed that the tie-in Switch case absolutely rips. It’s waterproof!