Welcome back to Postgame, Sidequest’s monthly (aspirationally), formerly-Patreon-exclusive podcast. We’re extending our break from hot takes on cold games this episode, instead continuing (and resolving) our game of The Quiet Year. Tune in to hear us work through Summer, Fall, and Winter, in which we consider war crimes and mushrooms in roughly equal measure.

Games we discussed:

The Quiet Year

We didn’t mention any pieces this episode, but here’s the map at the moment the Frost Shepherds arrived:

A chaotic map showing the end of the podcast's game of The Quiet Year. The map features drawings of some of the key features, including the mountain where mushrooms are foraged, the tree in which people and the birds live, the bunker, the water wheels, and the containment zone for the death eggs. The map also features a list of abundances and scarcities as well as a list of characters.

Pieces we didn’t mention but you might like:

Theme music is Beat Thee by Alexander Nakarada, used under Creative Commons 0. Episode produced by Zora Gilbert and Melissa Brinks.

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Maddi Butler:
And then I would like to make a discovery.

Zora Gilbert:

Someone, perhaps on patrol, one evening walks past the death eggs as—you know, as you do—and notices in the surface of one of the eggs, just a small little crack.

Zainabb Hull:



They’re clearly on high alert due to, you know, everything that has happened with the death eggs so far. However, it doesn’t seem like any of the corruption is leaking out. It just looks like it could be… hatching.




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