Do you know someone who loves Final Fantasy? Who is absolutely obsessed with it? Who has “Final Fantasy is my special interest” on their gift guide for the holidays?

Hi, I’m Ennis, and I love Final Fantasy XIV, the award-winning MMO with a free trial up to level 60, including the heartbreakingly good Heavensward expansion. I also read a frankly unhinged amount of Final Fantasy XV fanfiction because Prompto is the goodest boy. I’m here with my Etsy wishlist to tell you what gifts you should get for your obsessed friend.

Final Fantasy Fluffy Fluffy Plush Chocobo

The absurdly cute yellow birds known as chocobos have featured in every Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy II in 1998. If you know someone who has fond memories of exploring a virtual world on birdback, you can get them their very own officially licensed chocobo plushie. Look at him. He is so cute. I would commit armed robbery to keep him safe.

The forbidden jawbreaker: resin crystals in black, blue, and red with the symbols of the jobs from FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV-Inspired Job Stones (can be customized!)

I love supporting small businesses because they often have gorgeous, unique merchandise. For the person in your life who thinks glamour is the most important FFXIV endgame, MoonCurios on Etsy has tons of FFXIV job stones available in color schemes like “cherry blossom” and “purple galaxy.” It doesn’t matter if the Warrior of Light in question is a catgirl in thigh-highs or a dragon man in glowing armor. This store has every color available. If you’re looking for something super-specific and need a custom order, then MyRandomWhimsies might be your next online shopping stop.

Cookie cutters shaped like cute creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise (includes a chocobo, a moogle, a cactuar, and a tonberry).

Critter Cookie Cutters

Do your holiday cookies need more Final Fantasy? That’s a rhetorical question. Everything needs more Final Fantasy. With this cookie cutter set from LootCaveCo, you can make cookies that look like iconic creatures such as a Cactuar, a Tonberry, and a Moogle. According to reviewers, it’s surprisingly easy to create professional-looking cookies with this set… even if you’re not an expert chef like Ignis from FFXV.

Would You Like to Save Your Progress? Bookmark

Sometimes what you really need is a small, nostalgic stocking stuffer. A tiny, inexpensive, yet useful gift. What about a bookmark that calls back to vintage Final Fantasy games by asking “Would you like to save your progress?” with iconic retro graphics?

A black mug with the meme text (see article) printed on it in white sans serif font.

Meme Mug

Does your FFXIV-obsessed friend keep saying, “Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime?” Get them a mug with the meme on it. Acknowledge that there is no escape. Commit, as I myself have done, to the bit.