The holiday rush is incoming, but have no fear, all the latest news in this week’s Get Your Game On is still here!

Blizzard Gets Bonked

GWA Albany, the union shop of Blizzard Albany’s QA department, has successfully voted a majority “Yes” to unionization. This was preceded by a move made by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to stop Activision Blizzard’s efforts to intervene and muddle with GWA Albany’s vote.

Activision Blizzard has refused to voluntarily recognize the shop by attempting to file motions that the shop should be expanded to include employees of other departments. The NLRB has denied Activision Blizzard’s attempts, concluding that Blizzard Albany’s current members have specific “community-of-interest” needs that are focused on QA workers.

Dungeons & Dragons May Finally Be Replacing the Problematic “Race”

According to Wizards of the Coast’s latest Unearthed Arcana update, the long-standing term “Race” will be replaced with “Species” in One D&D. As the next major installment and iteration of the role-playing game, Wizards also asserts that Species will be the mainstay term there on out into future material even beyond One D&D.

Unearthed Arcana also explores newly retreaded material for One D&D, such as the installment’s take on Clerics.

Smash World Tour Shuttered, Suspected Sabotage

The organizers behind what would have been the upcoming Smash World Tour Championship released a statement saying that Nintendo had shut down its upcoming major events. They assert that Nintendo has been aware of and been in communication of their pending tournament and has worked with them in the past. The organizers also allege that Panda Global, a company that has partnered with Nintendo previously, had a hand in influencing Nintendo’s decisions. Nintendo has released their own statement denying any outside influence.

Meanwhile, Panda Global has removed CEO Alex Bunney from the company and has formed an Interim Management Community “due to concerns over harassment and safety” in the immediacy of this controversy. Panda has officially postponed their own Panda Cup Smash tournament.

The Smash World Tour team is currently working on issuing full refunds for their own canceled events.

In other news…

On December 1st, Google honored the life of video game pioneer Jerry Lewis with an interactable Doodle. Lewis was one of the few Black engineers working in Silicon Valley in the late 70s, and is credited with helping develop the video game cartridge.

Twitch releases “Shield Mode,” a new feature that provides more finessed settings for streamers and their mods to manage harassment.

Gloomhaven is getting its own tabletop roleplaying game.

Customers based in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan can now pre-order the Steam Deck.